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❧ permissions.

ic permissions.
▶ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Touching, hugging or kissing are a-okay. He's all about physical affection, so go for it. Kissing might get a confused reaction if it's out of the blue.

▶ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Attacking and injuries are fine! He may not seem like much but Fai can definitely fight. He's fast and agile, and being a vampire enhances his abilities. Death... run it by me first and we'll talk.

▶ ROMANCE/RELATIONSHIPS: Flirting is great and totally welcome because Fai is definitely a flirt with cute girls (even if it's mostly for show). Anything past that isn't really on his list of priorities right now, though. He's just now letting people in and allowing himself to get close(r) to people. Maybe eventually but for now ahahaha no. Don't count on it. But when it comes to relationships and love I don't think Fai really cares about gender, for him it's the person.

▶ SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS: Are fine if it happens. He's the type to be very sensual and more on the romantic side when it comes to sex, but then also likes to tease and be silly in bed. Unless he's explicitly asked to be rougher with his partners he prefers to be gentle. On the contrary he doesn't mind when his partners are rough with him to an extent. (see kink list) His weak points are his wrists and inner elbows.

▶ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: Go for it. Inside Fai's mind isn't a very happy place, though.

▶ MAGICAL INFORMATION: From the canon point I'm playing him from Fai currently has no magical ability. However, when he did have his magic he was actually quite powerful, though he only used his magic under dire circumstances.

▶ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Well, he's currently a vampire! That's the main thing. But he can't drink just anyone's blood, it has to be Kurogane's if he wants to live. He also has a longer lifespan than normal humans and is probably a few hundred years older than he looks.

▶ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: None, really. Though any mentioning of his twin brother brings inner angst.
ooc permissions.
▶ BACKTAGGING: ALWAYS. I'm kind of a slow tagger sometimes, sorry.
▶ FOURTHWALLING: Talk to me first.

▶ ANYTHING ELSE? Nah. As always, if you're unsure of something, feel free to ask me. I'm generally open to anything.